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Robert A. Hed​esh, Esq.

Free Initial Consultation

Phone: 843-839-0141

Why should Property owners be required to pay their neighbors Assessments?

This is exactly what happens when Your board of directors allow unpaid assessments to go uncollected. Honest and responsible property owners must pay more to keep the common areas maintained, the pool cleaned or the community safe.  

Association Services

Included in my list of services is collecting from property owners who fail to pay HOA fees and assessments. Enforcing violations of architectural regulations so that the community image is enhanced and all owners are treated fairly. Advise Boards of Directors evaluate and implement procedures consistent with local and state laws which assures fair and consistent policies.

Successful HOA Collections

Robert A. Hedesh, Esq of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has a proven track record in collecting outstanding assessments, fines, late fees, and other charges. In fact, in 2019, I have helped associations obtain a 100% collection rate. This success resulted in lower assessment fees for all property owners in that association. 

I assisted another association deal with delinquent property owners who owed over $120,000.00. 100% of that debt was collected at no cost the the association. In the words of one board member, "Hiring Mr. Hedesh was the board's major accomplishment ."

Architectural Review Compliance

Why was my neighbor allowed to build that close to the waterway when I was denied? Why is that house not built to the elevation standards I had to meet? These are more are common questions of homeowners in planned communities. Is your association's review board enforcing clear and consistent policies? Are the governing documents being followed?  

I have litigated compliance cases, one which involved a pool on the waterway which encroached into the setback rule and resulted in a complete removal of the noncompliant construction.

Current Association Clients include:

Bluffs on the Waterway


Carolina Waterway Plantation


Surf Estates

Villages at Queens Harbour